Gehrke Windmill Garden

The true story of how one man’s homespun creativity left a lasting impression on his neighbors and on the arid landscape of central Washington state long after his death.  

‘When Elvis met Nixon’ trailer

When the world’s most popular entertainer requests a meeting with the world’s most powerful man, only one will walk away with what they most desire. “When Elvis met Nixon” tells the true, bizarre story behind one of the most infamous events ever to take place…

‘Gehrke Windmill Garden’ trailer

Over his lifetime, folk artisan Emil Gehrke and his wife created hundreds of handcrafted windmills and whirligigs out of spare parts, household items and assorted ephemera. After their deaths, the pieces were slated to be destroyed, but friends and neighbors rallied to save the collection,…

Santa Claus Conquers The Martians (condensed)

It seems the children of Mars are all down in the dumps, what with watching all the spectacular holiday videos from Earth and all. The Martian leaders decide to kidnap Santa and bring him back, thus forcing the heavyset man’s goodwill and cheer upon the…


A Max Fleischer classic color cartoon, in which two destitute children (of Olive Oyl’s sister?) are transported to a 3D land o’ plenty while they sleep. Fortunately enough, the kids wake up to a load of food and presents brought by local merchants.

A Visit to Santa

Young siblings, Dick & Ann, are magically transported to the late 1950’s, where everything was red, and Santa lived in suburban splendor at the North Pole. Santa sends out a pushy elf in his famed ‘magic helicopter,’ to give kids a look inside his amazing…

Santa Punch and Judy Show

Santa knows who’s been naughty and who’s been nice, so he decides to treat kids in Any town, USA to a good old-fashioned violent puppet show. All the kids like it, except for one notable exception. Two puppets beating the stuffing out of each other…

Introducing the TV Remote Control

Back when TV really mattered, you had to get up to change channels! Not anymore with this new seven function contraption called a ‘ Wireless Wizard Remote Control.’ I wonder if this idea will catch on. 1961 promotional movie. Public domain.

Sharing Work at Home

When Mom gets sick, the family is surprised to learn there’s housework to be done. Dad, bro & sis learn the hard way how to work together. 1949, Public Domain.