Bicycle Today – Automobile Tomorrow

Why what better way to learn the rules of the road than properly adjusting and riding your bicycle? By the time you know all the laws, while remaining considerate of others, Mom & Dad will be happy to loan you the keys to their convertible….

The Strange Ones

“Most people in the world are good and nice, but unfortunately, there are some strange ones.” Still thinking about running off with a stranger? This movie will make you straighten up and fly right. Public Domain.

The Dangerous Stranger

Hey kids think it’s ok to take a present or ride from a stranger? Think again! This movie will show you what happened to kids who went with strangers and were never heard from again! Sid Davis’ first ‘educational’ film, produced with a loan from…

What’s the Big Hurry?

A heavy-handed film “educational” film, from the famous Sid Davis. What happens when you speed? Why death and destruction of course! See the carnage, feel the shame, regret your life as you view the wreckage of all those who thought it would never happen to…